As part of our collateral actions we will create a call to action and awareness campaigns to encourage communities to join the global movement.

One of the campaigns is the introduction of posters to encourage people to collect plastics from their environment, where they are encouraged to collaborate in the maintenance of beaches and river banks.

We are currently starting actions in supermarkets to make visible the unnecessary plastic used.

We will also create information KITS to encourage change in consumer habits, which schools and universities can download. We will also create a platform where students and supporters of the cause can share their findings, publish their creations and create a complete community of changes.

An important collateral action will be our installations of artists in galleries and festivals. We believe in art as a generator of change and in the need for Social Responsibility in the art world. We believe that designers and artists should participate in the management of social change.

One of our first interventions was an interactive installation that invited us to produce ARTERIA BCN, where we proposed to the public to draw on a television, furniture and floor. With this installation we wanted to make a call to the need to feed our conscious and questioning state. ‘When our mind draws we become fully conscious.’

The 12th may we will be in ART LOVER GROUND with an awareness art installation.