Our mobile recycling units and collateral action are just the beginning of a great mission.

Our intention is to create larger recycling units for the creation of structures and propose their implementation in conscious cities with the need for change (GREEN CITIES). These structures could be destined to the construction of tiny houses, with the aim of offering an alternative housing solution or the construction in institutions of structural elements that they may need  for urban furniture in parks, awareness stands, etc).

A major objective is the introduction of a recycling unit in a navigable format in rivers and of greater scope to act directly on the sea. Our intention is to eradicate as much plastic as possible and to minimize the plastic islands that float in our oceans.

It is a long journey for which we will need help from institutions, companies and individuals. We have set goals in the short, medium and long term that we will achieve thanks to the collaboration of all.

UNITED, we will achieve it.