Our main objective in UNITED PLASTIC NATIONS is the construction of recycling machines that could tackle the plastic problem from direct action in different environments. These machines will travel in a first mission communities of different European cities as part of a global campaign of active awareness.

These units would be a combination of the machine of our Precious Plastic colleagues with the Dung Beetle gas management solution. Our goal is to create a closed system where the energy obtained from the manipulation of the emissions can feed the generator that heats the plastic in the different lines of the process. We are working with both groups, in order to join efforts in the construction of our recycling units.

These recycling units will transform the plastic, in an object of value, in order to change the vision and culture of the plastic within the communities. Citizens would be an active part of the whole plastic recycling process; they will learn how to select it, to prepare it for production and to submit it to the different levels of the process until obtaining the desired object. The objects produced must have a long life cycle. These objects could form part of the structure of demonstration huts (tiles, luminaries …), of urban furniture or some useful products citizens could take with them; introducing in this way the concept of circular economy in the communities. We believe that by making the public participate in the process, we will be able to delve into the problem and share the need to acquire an PSR (personal social responsibility), promoting change from the community.

This will be the first machine of many more. We are vision driven and will use all what is in our hand to achieve it.