We are a collective of artists, engineers, designers, creators and collectives who believe that the change in the plastic management is imminent. Each profesional and organisation brings to the cause their skills and experience to the project in order to join forces to tackle the plastic problem. We believe in the exchange of knowledge, in open-source and cooperation between different teams and existing projects. We have direct contact with both Precious Plastic and Dung Beetle succesful projects with which we will collaborate. In our team we also have representation of innumerable groups and collectives that have been fighting against plastic since the last years. The goal is to be able to reach the largest number of citizens in our campaigns, exponentially increasing the critical mass of agents of change.

Within our team we have the following coordinators that you can contact for any offer of collaboration or consultation:

Gary Rosema. CEO. Technical coordinator.

He was born in Zimbabwe. He studied architecture and is an autodidact maker and expert in restoration constructionn of buildings and boats. He studied and developed his career in South Africa and drives his own workshop in Barcelona since 17 years. In his work as a designer and artist, he combines recovery materials with new technologies (LED, movement sensors, …). In UNITED PLASTIC NATIONS he drives the technical department responsible for the conception and creation of the recycling units. He has an innate ability to detect improvements in the system and propose technical solutions for its development.


Cecilia Espejo. Project manager. Service designer. Coordinator of collateral events and public relations.

She is half Spanish, half Argentine. She has been working in innovation departments at different companies in Germany (such as Nokia and Audi) and recently returned to Spain to face the challenge of reducing plastic in our environment. As a service designer, project manager and producer, she has deemed it convenient to develop a plan of collateral actions that enhance the work of the recycling units. As a multidisciplinary artist, she considers art and design as a very important agent of change that should be considered in the change management of plastic culture.