Our main aim in UNITED PLASTIC NATIONS is the construction of recycling machines that could tackle the plastic problem from the direct action in different environments.

These recycling units will transform plastic into an object of value.

These units would be a combination of the machine from our Precious Plastic colleagues with Dung Beetle‘s gas management solution. Our aim is to create a close system where the energy obtained from the emissions could power the generator that heats the plastic in the process line.

We are in communication with both groups, who have shared with us their blueprints and relevant information for the development of our recycling unit. We are already with the first phases of the prototype and making final adjustments in the plans.

This will be the first machine of many more. We are vision driven and will use all what is in our hand to achieve it.

Our first machine will travel in a first mission to communities of different green cities. During the road show, the public will be asked to participate in the whole process in order to encourage responsible consumption. They will learn how to select the plastic, to prepare it for production, submit it to the different levels of the process … until obtaining the desired object. This recycling units will have the format of a mobile retro-futuristic machine in order to attract the attention of passers-by and onlookers.

We believe that by making the public participate in the process, we will be able to penetrate into the problem and assimilate the need to acquire an PSR (personal social responsibility) and to begin the change from the community.



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